Education Night: Quaker Meetinghouses of Massachusetts by Jean Schnell

April 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Usual Meeting Location
17 Fox Hill Drive
MA 01760
David Kahn

Special Presentation: Quaker Meetinghouses of Massachusetts
By local photographer: Jean Schnell

I’m pleased to announce a special presentation of photographs of Quaker Meetinghouses by Jean Schnell on April 22.  Since 2014, Jean has photographed more than 20 of these meetinghouses across the state. Some are old buildings, some are new, some are still in use, and some are currently preserved as museums.

From a recent article about this project in Friends Journal:

It has become so much more than a photographic project for my mentorship program. It is a true calling and a labor of love. It has been a wow type of personal journey. I had a lot of fun photographing while on this artistic journey. I learned how to shape a collection of photographs in both style and subject as well as how to sift through a large number of photographs to pick a relative few. I learned many technical skills with the camera in order to get the pictures that I wanted, and after all of that, I learned some more! In order to write about my experiences, I needed to relearn a lot of Quaker history as well as discover facts related to meetinghouse locales. I needed to understand more about Quaker beliefs and practices in order to explain them to others. I reexamined my own relationship to my Quaker faith and practice.

Jean will present some prints from her final portfolio for this project, and will also share some related digital images.  She will share her goals for the project, the process she followed to photograph these sacred spaces, the laborious process of selecting the final portfolio from thousands of images, and her approach to showing and marketing these photographs.

These images were on display at the S&G Gallery (New Bedford) in September 2018, and in the Moakley Courthouse (Boston) from October through December.  This project has a Facebook page here, and is featured on Jean’s Web site.

Jean Schnell is a lifelong Quaker with roots in Valley Meeting in Wayne, PA. She is now a member of the Framingham (Mass.) Meeting. She is a retired nurse and health coach. She loves the contemplative process of viewing the world through a camera with delight, awe, and joy.