Image Review- Glass

The optional theme for the February 13th meeting was glass and as always, it was a treat to see the different interpretations of subject.  Jere’s image of a figure through paper was created to give the appearance of looking through frosted glass.  Virge’s stunning image of a cut glass vase was digitally manipulated in a way that looks almost like metal and has a 3 dimensional quality.  Nancy’s glass ball ornaments placed on top of a watercolor create a beautiful abstract.

If you are interested in learning more about the New England Light Painters meetings, please contact us though the website.

Arched Nude 1 002-Smaller

glass55-oilpaint-smaller (1)


Upcoming Exhibit: “Open”

Natick Community Senior Center
New England Light Painters
Group Show
March-April 2017

All members of New England Light Painters (NELP) and other local photographers are invited to
submit their work for this special group exhibit at the Natick Community Senior Center.
The theme is “Open,” meaning you are welcome to submit the images of your choice.
Both conventional photographs and manipulated creative photographs are welcome. We would
like to feature multiple works per artist, so consider submitting works of a similar sub-theme or
grouping. Also, keep in mind this is a public venue so please use discretion when selecting
your subject matter for submission.

Your submission for judging will be by email. Images must be in JPG format, no larger than
1200 pixels wide/high. File size must be under 500KB (use sufficient compression). Your
image file name should be in the format:


The #W and #H are the width and height of the framed photograph (including the frame), in
inches; price in whole dollars (no cents) or NFS if print is not for sale. For example,
JohnPublic-MyPiano-20W-16H-175.jpg would be a valid file name.

Submit your images by email to Virge Lorents at virge.lorents [at] .

All accepted photographs submitted for hanging must be framed and wired (no sawtooth).
Please make sure your framed artwork is labeled with your name, preferred contact information (email and/or phone number), artwork title and price, and make sure the exhibit organizer has all of this information. We will prepare labels for each piece with this information, and an exhibit price list.


  • Each artist may submit up to five (5) images by email for judging (no fee).
  • All work submitted for hanging must be framed and wired (no sawtooth).
  • Interested parties will contact you directly if they are interested in purchasing your work.
  • Sold work must remain at the Natick Community Senior Center for the duration of the
  • exhibit.

The Natick Community-Senior Center and the Town of Natick don’t carry any insurance
for displayed artwork. NELP is not responsible for any artwork.
Schedule summary:

2/1/17 (5 pm) – Images for judging due by email to virge.lorents [at] If you don’t receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submission, please follow up with Virge.

2/7/17- Artists notified of images selected. The show will hang during March and April. Dates of delivery and pick-up will be announced. If unable to drop work off at that time, other arrangements can be made.

Image Review – Tapestry or “vertorama”

The optional theme for the December 12 image review night was “vertorama”; a panorama in vertical direction or a tightly cropped vertical image.  This is a much less common image size format, but as you see here it works really well for some images.  As always, it was great to the diversity of work from the members.

Virge-NELP-DFFlip-e              Nancy-Tapestry-2             Elyssa-DSC_9160-e